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Comm. Coun. Minutes January 21, 2016

MarLon Hills and Club Heights Elementary Schools

Joint Community Council Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2016

MarLon Hills Elementary School Media Center


I.  In attendance: Marie Hunter, Tyson Hunter, Melanie Wilhelmsen, Nanette Butt, Nicole McGarry, Justin Willie, Charity Wardleigh, Jennifer Hansen, Rick Proffer, Jonathan England, Jessica Volpe, Sarah Harris, Jason Balls, Andi Campbell, Seth Robinson, Amy Rich, Polly Duran, Jennifer Johnson, and Cami Alexander


II. Rick Proffer updated the council on information from Paula Plant about the requirements for the new school, Burch Creek Elementary. Mr. Proffer has submitted an estimate for the number of students that will be attending Burch Creek Elementary School for the 2016-2017 school. The target enrollment number is 625-650 students. A budget for Burch Creek elementary school will be given based on that number of students. However, in fall 2016 there will be an adjustment of funds based on actual enrollment numbers at the school.


III.  The election for the 2016-2017 Burch Creek Elementary Community Council needs to take place this spring. The council needs to be seated before any trust land funds will be given to the school. Rick Proffer and Justin Willie will determine when this election should be held, based on restrictions and guidelines for all community councils.


IV.  Cami Alexander, the Weber School District Director of Elementary Education, talked to the community council members. She reassured us that the school district hopes to make the transition to one school be a smooth as possible for teachers, staff, and students. There will not be a job opening at Burch Creek Elementary for every teacher and staff member who is currently working at either school. However, any employee that becomes displaced that wishes to remain employed, will be offered an opportunity to transfer to another position within the District.  


V.  The Burch Creek Community Council will be able to write and submit a 2016-2017 Trust Land Plan once they are elected in the spring of 2016. Rick Proffer suggested that the council look at data from interim SAGE testing and find out the needs of the combined student population before deciding how to allocate and budget the funds.


VI.  Jennifer Hansen (MarLon Hills PTA President) and Amy Rich (Club Heights PTA President) are working to unify the students at both schools. The PTAs will be purchasing Burch Creek Elementary School bracelets to distribute to each child. One parent reminded the council to make sure to be aware of the students who will not be attending Burch Creek due to boundary changes so those students get a comparable gift.


VII.  Burch Creek Elementary School’s mascot is the Barracuda. However, school colors have not yet been determined. Marie Hunter and Nicole McGarry from MarLon Hills and Amy Rich and Andi Campbell from Club Heights are going to work with each other and their own respective student bodies to come up with school colors. Cami Alexander informed the community council that once colors were decided, they could be included in some of the interior tile work at the school.


VIII.  Marie Hunter told the community council about a program called “Guard DOGS (Dads of Good Students) and suggested the program be implemented at Burch Creek Elementary School. Cami Alexander informed the council that Guard DOGS is being successfully used at Valley View Elementary School. Mr. Proffer and Mr. Willie will meet with the principal at Valley View to find out more about the program.


IX.  The community council members were invited and encouraged to attend the joint MarLon/Club Heights PTA meeting that will be held on February 2, 2016 at 3:45 p.m.


X.  Jason Balls from Club Heights had a few personal concerns he wanted to bring up at the meeting, however Mr. Proffer instructed him to contact the Club Heights Community Council Chair and ask to have the items be put on the next meeting agenda. Marie Hunter, the MarLon Hills Community Council Chair who was conducting the current meeting, was given a printed document describing the concerns.


XI.  The next joint community council meeting will be held March 17, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. in the Club Heights Library.

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