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Trustland Plan

MarLon Hills Elementary 

Goal #1

Our goal is to ensure 100% of our students are achieving or progressing toward grade level benchmarks in their reading proficiency.

Action Steps

We will accomplish our goal by:

    1. Provide effective, research –based Tier 1 Instruction
    2. Provide small group and individual interventions as needed
    3. Provide additional time to students testing below proficient from resources such as an aide, reading specialist, and an inclusion model with the resource teacher
    4. Provide computer time before and after school to complete homework or lessons
    5. Provide time for teachers to develop instructional practices, process data, and address student individual needs
    6. Provide time to look at the growth patterns and declining growth patterns. Declining growth patterns will be addressed immediately with small group/individual interventions.

 Identify the specific measurements:

Assessment will be taken three times a year: Fall, winter and spring. Assessments will include DIBELS and benchmark assessments. The fall scores will be the baseline for the year 2015-2016. The spring scores will be the end measurement for the 2015-2016 school year. Monthly child study teams will assess the progress of all children toward our school side goal of 100% of students making growth toward grade level benchmarks. The Reading Eggs online program will provide resources for reading interventions and to supplement instruction.


Goal #2

Our goal is to learn about STEM instruction and provide enriching STEM activities for the students throughout the school year. STEM instruction includes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

We will accomplish our goal by:

  1. Provide after school STEM activities and increase availability
  2. Provide in-service for teachers to design STEM appropriate activities and programs
  3. Provide materials
  4. Activities must fit the STEM Standards and 21st century skills
  5. Inform parents about the STEM program in our school through website, Twitter, Facebook, and newsletter
  6. Teachers continue to build a baseline in their classrooms to generate enthusiasm for STEM
  7. Integrate subjects within the STEM curriculum

 Identify the specific measurements.

We will measure our success by the number of students participating in the 2016 STEM after school activities. Our baseline will be determined by the number of students who participated during the 2015 school year which was 171 students. We are expecting a 25% increase throughout the 2016 school year.

Data from the ALEKS program will be used in grades 3 – 6. The assignments and assessments will be gathered and analyzed monthly. Teachers will discuss and look at the information making adjustments in their program and lessons. Additional help will be given to those students who are not making adequate gains. School-wide assessments will happen three times a year: Fall, winter and spring.

An online program for grades k-3 will be used to monitor academic gain in math. DREAMBOX Learning will be used to monitor Math for grades k-2.

No goal for leadership


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