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Digital Media Device (DMD) Policy

MarLon Hills is committed to making sure that a digital media device (DMD) does not interfere with our learning environment, safety procedures, or infringe upon the privacy of others.  To meet this commitment the following procedures will apply to the use of a DMD on school property during school hours. 


DMDs including student’s cell phones, music devices, gaming devices, etc. should not be used during school hours.  They are not to be seen, heard, or used in any way. 


Exceptions:  If the teacher has a special need or occasion where the devices are deemed appropriate for an instructional use.  If accommodations are detailed in IEPs, 504s, or those approved by the administrator.


Misuse of DMDs will result in the following:

*  1st offense:  Warning:  Cell phone/electronic device will be sent to the office.  Students’ name will be recorded and the phone returned with a DMD contract for students and parents to sign.  Contract will be returned to the office.

*  2nd offense:  Parent involvement:  Cell phone will be sent to the office.  Students' name will be recorded.  Students' parent must pick up phone.

*  3rd offense:  Loss of privileges:  Student will miss activities such as recesses, assemblies, or could be given in-school suspension.


The school’s personnel will not be held responsible for DMDs that are lost, stolen, or broken.


School Administration or designee may search DMDs based on a reasonable suspicion that they may contain evidence of a violation of school/district rules or policies. 


School district policies and state and federal laws regarding illegal content of electronic devices will be enforced.

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