Student Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday -- 8:20 - 3:05

Wednesday -- 8:20 - 1:05

Office Hours

8:00 - 4:00

Mission and History

Our Mission -

In partnership with students, parents, and community members, we, the teachers and staff of MarLon Hills Elementary, commit to setting high expectations and standards, while providing proven instructional strategies, so that all students may attain their full potential and continue to pursue knowledge as a tool for reaching their goals in life.

Our Vision -

Out of these beliefs, we commit to the following:

Effective school leadership which fosters an environment where all school community members feel safe, supported, and show mutual respect for each other.
Alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment with district and state standards, while focusing on reading, writing, and mathematics.
Ongoing collaboration and communication with a shared emphasis on high academic and social standards.
Ongoing assessments, in order to support individual needs, and develop subsequent interventions and enrichments.
Continual reflection on teaching strategies and learning methods, with professional development driven by student needs.
Providing diverse learning opportunities through real life experiences in the classroom and community.
Involvement of students as active and responsible participants in the learning process.


MarLon Hills has an interesting name that is rich in South Ogden history. Before there was a MarLon Hills, the land was owned by Marie and James Alonzo "Lonnie" Stephens. Mr. Stephens was an active community member who would get up early in the morning during winter months and, using a V-shaped plow hitched to his horse, would open pathways along Adams Avenue so the children could get to the local school safely. Later he served on the South Ogden City Council for 10 years and helped shape our Burch Creek/South Ogden area. During MarLon Hills' construction in 1960, Lonnie named the school in honor of his sister Mary (Mar) and after himself (Lon). The school was contracted at a cost of $354,900 by Wayne Jensen Construction Company and was completed in March of 1961.

Grade Levels Offered: K to 6

Total Students: 334

Full-Time Teachers: 14

Student/Teacher Ratio: 24.4:1

Per Pupil Expenditures: $2,919

Mascot: Mustang

School Colors: Purple and White

School Spirit Day: Every Wednesday


2012-Present - Melanie Stokes

2009-2012 - Darlene Sangiorgio

2006-2009 - Rick Proffer

2002-2006 - Kathy Sandberg

1998-2002 - Mel Hawkes

1992-1998 - Maloy Hales

1990-1992 - Evelene Rice (Starting in October)

1990 (Aug to Sept) - Steve Mecham

1987-1990 - Roberta Grow

1982-1987 - Shirley Anderson

1972-1982 - Paul G. Esterhodt

1969-1972 - Norman Gene Jones


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